13 hours ago
Happy Horrordays from Bluddy the Elf! https://t.co/dlAaHR551B brandonjcarr photo
2 days ago
Haven't posted this guy in a few years. It's almost Klingon Christmas! https://t.co/4ADWYpFQss brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
Today @XenoDudeFace is playing the new #SmashBrosUltimate game a week early and it’s awesome. https://t.co/0qGfaPWtgO brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
My favorite Christmas song is, of course, “Gruber’s Arrival” from the Die Hard soundtrack.
2 weeks ago
My wife left the holiday music station on in the car. Running an errand, the second song I heard was “Christmas Shoes”. NOT A STRONG START, HOLIDAYS.