3 days ago
It always looks so cool and weird every time they reboot the moon.
4 days ago
My son is streaming Breath Of The Wild right now. It's goofy. You should join. Don't tell him I told you. Shh. https://t.co/RKzskDZEqr
4 days ago
My daughter goes to bed tonight having seen both original Ghostbusters movies after starting her day having seen none Ghostbusters movies.

Her immediate question after GB2: “Is there a Ghostbusters THREE?!”
5 days ago
I’ve made a comic about...movies, I guess? https://t.co/iz4eooosEk brandonjcarr photo
6 days ago
I wrote a song about taking a shower with you. I hope you enjoy it.

6 days ago
There's some sort of conspiracy going on in the podcasting world to frustrate my 2019. @DrGameshow got cancelled. @IWPod is substantially changing formats. @SPONTANEANATION is ending on Monday. This is all starting to feel very intentional and I don't appreciate it.