4 days ago
FLY TO YOUR DREAMING https://t.co/JBlkvn3mkO brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
Clearly the world has not gotten better since every third tweet uses the “No One:” joke format. So let’s try stopping in case it will help. Please. Please stop.
1 week ago
It’s hard to have opinions. https://t.co/VKCyrXuUrV brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
My ridiculous personal hairdresser turned 7 today. She still styles like a 6-year-old. Tsk. https://t.co/rYtsflanlN brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
Passion and talent and difference, oh my.

My favorite little weirdo theatre company is running a fundraiser this week. It doesn’t take much to contribute and even less to help spread the word.

Thanks in advance. You’re amazing.