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We might get a new Spider-Man movie that's just about Spider-Man where he doesn't play second banana to other MCU characters in his own film? Oh no!
1 week ago
Check out my new series of comics featuring biting social commentary! https://t.co/x7FVfsgWYh brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago
Haven’t posted any art in a while, so here were my phone doodles today! https://t.co/X6YP6kzvo4 brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
I’m years late in discovering this, but the @ericwareheim-directed video for @BeaccchHoussse’s “Wishes” is wonderful in every way.

3 weeks ago
This dude’s got the goods. Commission him for some arting! https://t.co/FFIQ5W9AkG
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Hot Boy Bummer @Joe_Hunter
Hey! I'm Joe and I'm a comic artist/colorist currently working on the upcoming @BeastStrikers with @pittsed_off. I'm basically always open for commissions so just let me know and we can talk!

Patreon: https://t.co/B5X4iqRp7A

Insta: https://t.co/F7muGJcIoU https://t.co/5vIDOptLe1
3 weeks ago
Ever want to see me hopping across your screen? Here you go. https://t.co/724ze9TGef
Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble @fredtheatre
We like to party when shows close. If we don’t party, we’ll cry. #foolforloveva you’ve been a blast. I’ll miss the way you moo. #ftefocks https://t.co/Azug2obVUU