1 day ago
PERFECT ARRANGEMENT, directed by @adridalycarr, opens this weekend! Since the play has a mid-century sitcom vibe (on paper, anyway), I put together a theme song and some scene change music in the same vein.


7 days ago
I’m directing I HATE HAMLET for FTE in February and I want YOU to be in it! But to be in it, you have to audition. SO COME DO THAT!

It’s a really funny, ambitious show. And if you’re cast you get to play with swords. There’s also a ghost! What more could you want?! https://t.co/7la0Lc340f
brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago
. @christopheeerrr posted a drawing he did yesterday and I felt the need to ruin it. Enjoy! https://t.co/pTC2XID9Ds brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
Realized I haven’t been giving Procreate enough love lately. Here is another masterpiece for you. #procreate https://t.co/hFfIGnvOLh
2 weeks ago
This year, make Thanksgiving a Shakespearean occasion. #shakesgiving https://t.co/s5D74i4F1j brandonjcarr photo