3 days ago
Coming this Fall! https://t.co/JRf6JLMdSz
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4 days ago
As I added in reply to Seth, it’s like DeviantArt and LiveJournal had a baby that just turned 14. https://t.co/LA5nci2QKX
4 days ago
Just watched the TITANS trailer. Who hurt you, DC? Are you okay?
5 days ago
Just finished the 2X Spicy Korean Fire Noodles with @AwesomeDudeFace. RIP our mouth holes. https://t.co/HhgM2Pr1d9 brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
MEETING NOTES: Big Duck Energy! https://t.co/sO0XblWtLE brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
I have TNG on in the background and misheard Picard saying “Mr. Data” as “Mr. P’tato” & now I’m bummed there’s no character in Star Trek called “Mr. Potato”.

“Bridge to Mr. Potato.”

“Mr. Potato, launch photon torpedoes.”

“Computer, what is the current location of Mr. Potato?”