4 days ago
Top Ten Movies to Get to Know Me Better:

Howard the Duck

That’s it. Just watch it ten times.
5 days ago
The Doppelgänger challenge: Post a picture of someone famous you have been told you resemble. Remember these are who we have been TOLD we look like--not necessarily our own beliefs.

#doppelganger https://t.co/Ef98fkSr3g
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6 days ago
For Valentine’s last night, I ate pasta and green bean casserole and watched Little Shop of Horrors. I recommend this style of evening to everyone every day.
1 week ago
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! https://t.co/DXcQW1155t brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago

Buy them two cards, one that is sweet and simple and one that is poetic and flowery. Write all of the poetic and flowery stuff from the second card inside the simple card. Throw the second card away. You just won Valentine's Day.
1 week ago
MEETING NOTES: Thinking, A Head https://t.co/pFLaUe0vwj brandonjcarr photo