1 day ago
I heard a rumor that something might be happening at The Village at Spotsylvania Towne Centre today around 4:30. Something...musical?
3 days ago
MEETING NOTES: The spidery, winged devil you know. https://t.co/GkwUGmu2bT brandonjcarr photo
4 days ago
I have not spoken out loud in 16 hours.

The silence hangs in the air like a thick, bland tapestry.

In the quiet I hear birdsong I’ve never before heard, high and lilting and effortless.

The birds mock me with their melody.

Birds are jerks.

4 days ago
I’ve been battering my voice in rehearsals this week, so I haven’t spoken in over nine hours. I call this “vocal rest”. Those around me call it “a blessed miracle one wishes would be without end”.
4 days ago
Lookit, I’m on a stage! https://t.co/MoMGmLZMhY