3 hours ago
I have TNG on in the background and misheard Picard saying “Mr. Data” as “Mr. P’tato” & now I’m bummed there’s no character in Star Trek called “Mr. Potato”.

“Bridge to Mr. Potato.”

“Mr. Potato, launch photon torpedoes.”

“Computer, what is the current location of Mr. Potato?”
7 hours ago
Trying something a little different. https://t.co/JgT1OYl5eq brandonjcarr photo
10 hours ago
MEETING NOTES: The Spectacular Spider-Spider! https://t.co/Pl5RPHCZWz brandonjcarr photo
12 hours ago
Today @AwesomeDudeFace and I burned our faces off with Korean Fire Noodles. Tomorrow we’re doing the 2X spicy kind to burn off the rest of our heads. https://t.co/LyFERJJUgu brandonjcarr photo
1 day ago
MEETING NOTES: Night of the WERE-CAMEL! https://t.co/EzBgzPNmDK brandonjcarr photo
4 days ago
Happy Friday the 13th! https://t.co/RUjg7oyxTH brandonjcarr photo