2 days ago
Happy International Rock Like A Pirate Day! https://t.co/Bzy5gMx3Xt brandonjcarr photo
3 days ago
Look at @davidcgarcia playing confused t-rex at the dinner table. https://t.co/8OGpCWWHVx brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
This new MANIFEST show is looking pretty goofy. https://t.co/LfCIIwuu5R brandonjcarr photo
6 days ago
1st Grade Art Director: TV UGLY THE LOVE ROBOT https://t.co/ZArVNzIUMT brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago
I couldn’t ask for a dreamier model for this shirt that I made. @joedunn721 is the best. https://t.co/XCHAymlOfQ
brandonjcarr photo
Joe Dunn @joedunn721
New shirt aleeeeeeert!! https://t.co/afw5OFPi5X
1 week ago
Amelia and I are having a lovely time in (and above) Seattle. https://t.co/A204XkbVUl brandonjcarr photo