2 days ago
MORNIN' FROM THE MUDPITS! https://t.co/S67NGMX0qW brandonjcarr photo
3 days ago
I saw myself, my video editing, and my special effects work projected on a big screen today and heard my sound editing work through big speakers. THIS FEELING IS A GOOD FEELING.
1 week ago
MEETING NOTES: Because I’m Happy https://t.co/olui4PUpa1 brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
We had some great auditions last night, but I am greedy and demand more! Come audition for what will be a very fun production of NO EXIT! https://t.co/OJ2PCWEn6L brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
Look out! The dread beast is nearly upon us! https://t.co/8Zc60884Iv brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
Today on “Very Specific Jokes for Small Audiences”... https://t.co/lj82rV5Bbq brandonjcarr photo