3 days ago
Earlier this week, a storm knocked one of our trees down into the neighbor's yard. I chopped it up with a chainsaw and dragged the pieces away. That was awesome.

All around the base of the tree was poison ivy. That has been much less awesome for several days now.
4 days ago
My homie @ravensdojo said I had to draw something on my birthday, so I did! https://t.co/d78nS7wj4f brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
I solved the Laurel/Yanny mystery, everyone. To prove that it's BOTH, I removed the lower frequency from one repetition and upper frequency from the other. You can find this here:


Please share with everyone until this is over.
1 week ago
I was asked to do some art for an auction and this is what happened. His name is Squatch and I hope he sells for a kabillion dollars. https://t.co/T8ZtbQERjM brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago
I said to the cashier at Wawa “Have a good one!” and he replied “Have a GREAT one!” and I am FURIOUS.

How DARE he?
2 weeks ago
I take two pills every day. This morning as I went to toss them into my mouth, one fell into the sink and down the drain. I swallowed the other one. I have no idea which was which.

So either I’m going to have bad allergies today or my heart is going to explode. Place bets now!