3 days ago
Whether you like it or not, rioting is the consequence of oppression. Of injustice. Of a constant pain and anger fed by a system meant to crush and belittle.

Rioting is not the problem.
1 week ago
This beautiful gentleman is Pablo and it’s taking everything in my power to not bring him back to VA with me. https://t.co/zqzglk7AeK brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago
Greetings from a house in Florida with no working air conditioning! https://t.co/JrYOGRId8F brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
As a treat for myself, I had an amazing cook come in tonight and whip me up a tremendous birthday meal that was all gone mere moments after this photo was taken. Big thanks to that very special person.

(It was me. I made this. I’m awesome.) https://t.co/yc2d3aXcaC
brandonjcarr photo