2 days ago
Fun happened here. https://t.co/uA8LT6HPLJ brandonjcarr photo
2 days ago
MEETING NOTES: Hiiiiiiii https://t.co/TsgRIX4dXJ brandonjcarr photo
4 days ago
Amelia, @XenoDudeFace, and I were playing Smash Bros and I made a dumb joke and then, of course, I had to illustrate it. So here is LINKLING. #SmashBrosUltimate #zelda https://t.co/1efUYJvFQM brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
Over on Facebook I did the "TEN YEAR CHALLENGE" where you post your current profile picture and then use a time machine to get your profile picture from 10 years in the future.

I've...got some bad news. https://t.co/6fsDzp1YvF
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6 days ago
And here’s the time-lapse of my nature study if you like that sort of thing. https://t.co/39kI2craRn
6 days ago
NATURE STUDY: Bird https://t.co/vzApldsFWk brandonjcarr photo