22 hours ago
If I’ve never seen VERONICA MARS, can I just dive in with the new stuff?
22 hours ago
I’m warming up to the CATS trailer. You have been warned.
2 days ago
The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) https://t.co/8z7e19R4Pi brandonjcarr photo
2 days ago
The new TOP GUN movie is somehow not about Maverick joining the space program and flying spaceplanes. How did this happen?
3 days ago
Good Morning, Moonmoon. (Planets are jerks)

Shoutout to @oobleejay. https://t.co/knn5ivYtU0
brandonjcarr photo
6 days ago
Meanwhile, in Nevada. https://t.co/PcyWazJzwk brandonjcarr photo