1 day ago
Yeah, that seems about right. https://t.co/uUB97xjLKa brandonjcarr photo
2 days ago
Parents, don’t let your children grow up to be the kind of people who think nothing of having a loud conversation over the music at a concert. Please.
2 days ago
If I ever wanted to commit a crime, this Ben Folds/Cake show would be the place to do it.

“The suspect is a bearded white male.”


“Chubby? Maybe husky?”

4 days ago
Every time our lawn is mowed, the neighbor mows his to balance it out or something. Every time. It's pathological. I kind of want to pay someone to come mow it every day for a week just to see what happens.
6 days ago
MORNIN' FROM THE MUDPITS! https://t.co/S67NGMX0qW brandonjcarr photo
1 week ago
I saw myself, my video editing, and my special effects work projected on a big screen today and heard my sound editing work through big speakers. THIS FEELING IS A GOOD FEELING.