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Sometimes you only have one day to learn a whole lighting system language so you can write the light plot for your own show. On those days, go awesome or don’t go at all. https://t.co/6etcTNV4Mm brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
“I have the world’s greatest dead grandpa!” - My 6-year-old celebrating my father.
2 weeks ago
These are the kinds of things I say to my cat:

“You’re really enjoying the heck out of that sunbeam, aren’t you? You’re such a cliche.”

“We’ve got a good dog. Who’s a good dog? We’ve got a good dog. Also, the cat is here.”

3 weeks ago
Try to spend more time talking up the people who inspire you and impress you and make you feel good about this stupid world and less time talking trash about people whether they deserve it or not.

You’ll thank you and so will everyone around you.