2 days ago
I am Brandon, God of this weekend. https://t.co/vo53RQZ8Yw
3 days ago
Goodbye, @thinkgeek. This makes me sad.

4 days ago
Apparently the book DOCTOR SLEEP is the sequel to the book THE SHINING and the movie DOCTOR SLEEP is the sequel to the movie THE SHINING?


4 days ago
MEETING NOTES: The Batfella https://t.co/afs0mz4TMY brandonjcarr photo
5 days ago
MEETING NOTES: That Wolverguy https://t.co/5R2QpLm8DX brandonjcarr photo
6 days ago
This sweet little kitten I found is VERY gassy. https://t.co/AUo16TuvN1 brandonjcarr photo