5 days ago
Check out my new series of comics featuring biting social commentary! https://t.co/x7FVfsgWYh brandonjcarr photo
6 days ago
Haven’t posted any art in a while, so here were my phone doodles today! https://t.co/X6YP6kzvo4 brandonjcarr photo
2 weeks ago
I’m years late in discovering this, but the @ericwareheim-directed video for @BeaccchHoussse’s “Wishes” is wonderful in every way.

3 weeks ago
This dude’s got the goods. Commission him for some arting! https://t.co/FFIQ5W9AkG
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Hot Boy Midsommar @Joe_Hunter
Hey! I'm Joe and I'm a comic artist/colorist currently working on the upcoming @BeastStrikers with @pittsed_off. I'm basically always open for commissions so just let me know and we can talk!

Patreon: https://t.co/B5X4iqRp7A

Insta: https://t.co/F7muGJcIoU https://t.co/5vIDOptLe1
3 weeks ago
Ever want to see me hopping across your screen? Here you go. https://t.co/724ze9TGef
Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble @fredtheatre
We like to party when shows close. If we don’t party, we’ll cry. #foolforloveva you’ve been a blast. I’ll miss the way you moo. #ftefocks https://t.co/Azug2obVUU
3 weeks ago
Another show comes to a close. Today was our last performance of FOOL FOR LOVE. Thanks to everyone who braved the heat to come see it and thanks to everyone onstage and behind the scenes for all your hard work.

On to the next! https://t.co/tqS3mWpjrn
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