A lot of emotions while watching The Sandman on Netflix this weekend, all with positive roots. My partner (who knew nothing about it) and I (long-time fan) both enjoyed it immensely. I hope @neilhimself is having a joyful, proud time right now because it’s deserved. More, please.
Ever get really sleepy and do a weird art thing and then forget you did it and then rediscover it a couple of days later? No? Ha ha ha, no, me neither. Me neither. https://t.co/HfXFkQpSDm brandonjcarr photo
A few weeks ago, Amelia and I got to be part of our favorite podcast, Dr. Gameshow! If you don't already listen to it (and if so, why don't you? It's ridiculous and fun!), the episode can be found here: https://t.co/sZX4UTTxTo
BWOMP! ZMMMM! TINGITY TINGITY! POOT POOT POOT! https://t.co/U65QGExEW5 brandonjcarr photo