I can’t sleep, so here’s a turtle thing! https://t.co/wLpsVH1rbM brandonjcarr photo

Despite challenges, working from home really does open the door to some wonderful, innovative ways to approach lots of different projects.

For instance, I just used two fencing foils like a big pair of chopsticks to retrieve a plug that fell behind my desk.

Happy 9th birthday to this sweet, strange, kind, goofy, adorable, and ridiculous little goober. You’re a weird little thing, Amelia, and I’m so proud to be your dad. https://t.co/IPsHvAf6r2 brandonjcarr photo

Even unremarkable places can sometimes surprise you with their moments of beauty. https://t.co/gR6tXA7kiR brandonjcarr photo

“I’m pretty stressed out. I should draw something. Drawing is relaxing, right?” https://t.co/vCBwzd1zYX brandonjcarr photo